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BetterHelp (a sponsor) offers affordable online therapy with financial aid based on your income. All therapists are licensed. Click here to learn more.

Locally, the following clinics also offer online therapy: Airport Marina Counseling Services, Amanecer Community Counseling Service, Arleta Family Health Care Clinic. Others on this list may too. Please check with the individual providers.
Qualifying for assistance from California's program usually depends on the severity of your condition and financial circumstance. Read our full guide to California's program.
Regain (a sponsor) offers offers online marriage counseling with financial aid based on your income. Click here to learn more.

Locally, our users report the following clinics offering marriage counseling: San Fernando Valley Counseling Center, Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, WILA - Wright Institute Los Angeles.

If you or someone you know are in IMMEDIATE danger, please call the emergency number: 911

If you are considering suicide, please call the national suicide hotline: (800) 273-8255. You may also want to read this article.

For local Los Angeles crisis lines, click here.

For national crisis lines, click here.

Online Therapy

If your symptoms are less severe, the fastest way of getting help if often online therapy. BetterHelp (a sponsor) has a 15 minute sign-up process and offers significant financial aid. Click here to begin.