Find Affordable Counseling Near You

Therapy is for EVERYONE. Here’s a guide.

Find free and affordable therapy near you.

How to Choose a Therapist

Choosing a therapist should not feel like throwing a dart at a dart board. We give you the steps you need to follow and tell you how to know when a therapist is just right for YOU.

Look up a Therapist's License - A State-by-State Guide

Before you see a therapist you must check their license is valid and does not have disciplinary actions against them. Get the resources you need for your state....

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

If you are paying out-of-pocket, therapy costs between $60 and $150 per session. BUT, if you use your insurance your cost can be much lower. We give you the full run-down including ways you may qualify for low-cost or even free therapy.

Ten Scary Myths About Therapy

Does it mean I am weak? Am I flawed? Is it impossibly expensive? Does it really work?

How Do I Check a Therapist's Background?

The five steps are: check their license, look up their profile, read online reviews, do a phone interview and finally do trial sessions. We give you the low-down on how to get it done.

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Starting therapy can be scary, but we’re here to help

BetterHelp makes starting therapy easy.

Live sessions can be done via phone, video or live chat. Plus, you can message your therapist whenever you want.

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Hidden Gems: Non-Profit Counseling

Community Clinics: Our Guide to These Hidden Gems.
When is a Less Experienced Therapist Better?
University Counseling Centers: Not Just for Students
Faith-Based Counseling Centers. Are They Right for Me?

State-Funded Counseling

Do You Qualify for State Funded Counseling? Read Our State-By-State Guide To Find Out

You will be surprised how many people qualify for state-funded help.

Medicaid Mental Health Benefits Explained

Does Medicare Cover Mental Health?

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Suicide & Crisis

International Suicide Hotlines

What to Do When You're Thinking About Suicide

US Public Mental Health Resources

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