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Important Update October 2018

Please note that we are no longer accepting new private practice accounts. This change of direction was due to our updated mission of concentrating more on non-profit agencies. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

If you are a non-profit, please click here to learn more.

OpenCounseling is a directory of therapists who can make at least one opening available at an affordable rate.

See more clients and become part of a movement making counseling affordable to all.


List a 501 (c) Non-Profit Counseling Agency (Always Free)

What is “Affordable" Counseling?

What is “affordable” varies by area and license type. At OpenCounseling we don't enforce a specific fee. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that your sliding scale start below $120 in more populated areas, and below $70 in less populated areas. 

You simply list your practice in our directory, and clients contact you directly. We never interfere with your relationship with your client. Each month OpenCounseling helps over 25,000 visitors find caring therapists like you.

Therapists Like YOU

Therapists Building Their Practices

If you have a spare hour on your schedule, OpenCounseling can help you fill it with grateful clients needing your care.

  • Fill the empty hours on your schedule.
  • Make your practice profitable.
  • Fulfill your dream of doing meaningful work doing what you love.
Insurance Contracted Therapists

  • Escape the paperwork and headaches of the insurance world by seeing more cash paying clients. 
  • Insurance pays so little these days. Our therapists are discovering that they can get cash paying clients for the same fees as they were getting from insurance.
  • Starting with OpenCounseling is easy and risk-free. Over time, therapists gradually start seeing more cash paying clients, and start dropping their insurance contracts.

Therapists with Busy Practices

Many of our therapists have amazing practices, but end up seeing only a specific population that can afford full fee therapy.
  • See more of a specific group that you love. 
  • Stay passionate about the reason you became a therapist. Be part of a movement that is making a difference.
Interns and Associates

  • Jump start your practice by attracting clients seeking affordable care. 
  • We love interns and associates. Drop us a note after you sign up and we will add an extra month to your free trial.


You Care, We Care

We ask our private practice therapists to pay just $9.99 per month to list their practice. Your support makes it possible for us to list over 2,500 non-profit counseling agencies free of charge. Private practice therapists also help sponsor our research and blog writing. If it wasn’t for you, none of this would be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We started OpenCounseling when we noticed that there was something very sad happening. On one hand, there were many people who needed therapy who could not afford it. On the other hand, there were many therapists who were struggling to fill their practice and who had openings available. We wanted to make it easier for these two groups to find one another!

Non-profit counseling agencies are free to list there services. We ask private practice members to pay a nominal monthly fee to list their practice. We think it is a simple vision, but one with the power to transform the landscape of mental health in America. Currently OpenCounseling helps over a quarter of a million visitors each year.
We accept all state licensed/intern therapist such as a LCSW, LMFT, LPC, LMHC, Psychologist or Psychiatrists. If you are legally permitted to offer "therapy" or "counseling" in your state you can join our directory We offer listings to private practice therapists in the US or Canada.
Sorry, but we do not list life coaches unless they also hold a currently active therapist license. This is because our site lists people offering “therapy” or “counseling”. These words are legally protected by states and can only be used by licensed therapists.
 We offer free listing for all 501(c) nonprofit counseling organization. To qualify, counselors must hold graduate training in psychotherapy. All counselors must either be state licensed/interns/trainees under supervision.

Please note that a listing should be created for the agency as a whole, and not for individuals who work at the agency.

List a 501 (c) Non-Profit Counseling Agency
We are presently serving members in the United States and Canada.
We are always happy to help. Please use the live chat window at the bottom of this page; email us or call (800) 990-3623.



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