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Add a Non-Profit Listing

OpenCounseling offers free listings to all non-profit counseling agencies. We have some basic requirements

  1. You must be a 501-C Non-Profit in the US or a Registered Charity.
  2. Your agency must offer outpatient counseling.
  3. In the US your therapists must be state licensed/registered (pastoral Counseling is OK where your state allows).
  4. You must be in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Philippines, UAE, UK or South Africa (or one of the other 10 or so other countries we serve - feel free to ask if your country is on the list).

To List Your Agency

Please submit the following information to us via our contact form. We accept listing from employees of the agency, but we also accept listings based on information from the general public.

  1. Your agency name.
  2. Website
  3. All addresses where you provide outpatient counseling. We only show one address per city, so please submit your main outpatient site in each city.
  4. Phone
  5. Description (we may augment your description with information found on your website). Please include details of the types of clients seen as well as your fee structure.

Our mission is to make counseling available to all. There is no charge for non-profit/charity listings, but we reserve the right to include/exclude listings.

Send Us Your Details

If this is an update for an existing listing, please let us know the URL of the original listings.

Thank you for your contribution. We deeply care about contributing to mental health around the world. We hand check every agency and add listings within 2 business days.