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Affordable Counseling Search is America's only nationwide directory of low cost counseling. The project is the results of extensive research and community contributions. Please use the search box at the top of this page to find counseling in your area.

1. Most agencies will be staffed with therapists on the road to being licensed. They may be called trainees (less experienced), interns (more experienced) or licensed therapists (most experienced). If you can, ask for a licensed therapist to get the best care.

2. Often therapists who are in training will be come-and-go. At intake, be sure to ask for a therapist who will not be leaving for at least 6 months.

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Non-Profit Counseling

Individual or Marriage Counseling is America's only nationwide listing of affordable counseling agencies. Our directory is built from extensive research and submission from people just like you.
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We also offer an an extensive list of therapists in private practive who offer affordable counseling. When you call these therapists, be sure to ask if they "offer a sliding scale".
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Substance Abuse Treatment

There are affordable drug rehab centers available. These are either non-profit agencies or state sponsored drug rehabs which offer everyone the opportunity for a new start. Be sure to ask what their "sliding scale" is and if they offer "payment assistance" for low-income individuals.
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Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction does not always involve inpatient rehab centers. Many people choose outpatient treatment.
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