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Building Revenue Streams: The Pros and Cons of Workshops

For practitioners who are looking to bring in new income streams, something that’s often overlooked is offering workshops and seminars. As a licensed therapist, you have a wealth...

Posted on  10/08/2017

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Providing Online Therapy: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Have you considered offering online therapy (or teletherapy) as part of your clinical services, but wondered what the pros and cons of this might be? If this is a direction you or...

Posted on  10/04/2017

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Five Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Introductory Video

An introductory video is a brief, filmed segment that features you discussing a little bit about yourself, your practice, and what clients can expect if they enter treatment with you....

Posted on  09/24/2017

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Build Your Client Base: Partnering with Non-Profits

For those who are looking to build additional client channels, online and traditional advertising may only get you so far, especially when you live in an area where clients typically...

Posted on  09/17/2017

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Stretch Your Social Media Influence: Using Instagram to Find Clients

For therapists who have already started promoting their business and engaging clients on social media, you might wonder: Is it worth it to build out to other social media sites? For...

Posted on  09/10/2017

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How Mental Health Professionals Can Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

As we continue to watch the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the victims of this tragedy, many might be wondering: what can I do to help? As a trained mental health professional,...

Posted on  09/02/2017

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Building a Great Webpage: 5 Essential Elements for Therapists

If you don’t have a webpage, or are looking to revamp the one you currently use for your practice, it may seem daunting pulling this task together. After all, there are so many...

Posted on  08/27/2017

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Sliding Scale Reimbursement: How to Set the Right Rate

If you’re familiar with the principles of OpenCounseling, then you know our mission is pretty simple: we want to ensure that clients have access to affordable counseling, no...

Posted on  08/19/2017

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What Should I Do If I Lose My Mental Health Coverage?

Unfortunately, the loss of mental health coverage can be an unexpected reality for many Americans. Whether this happens through the loss of a job, divorce, or through the realignment...

Posted on  08/05/2017

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