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How OpenCounseling Supports Mental Health in America 

  • OpenCounseling offers America's only nationwide directory of non-profit counseling agencies.
  • OpenCounseling offers a full resource directory of therapists dedicated to working with patients who are seeking low-cost counseling services throughout the United States
  • OpenCounseling provides a list of service providers for individuals in the United States who lack access to a care provider based on living in a rural location, lack of transportation, or long-waitlists to begin care
  • OpenCounseling helps educate mental health consumers by providing guidance and answers to the maze of questions that arise when navigating this system
  • OpenCounseling closes the gap in mental health care by connecting people in need of mental health care to therapists who offer lower-fee services.

Statistics  for Mental Health Care in America

The Need for Mental Health Care in America

Current Access Issues in the United States 

Cost of Mental Health and Options for Low-Cost Services


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