Free Telephone Counseling Hotlines in Qatar

Also see in-person counseling: Al Daayen, Al Khor, Doha and more.

National Suicide & Crisis Lines

Online Counseling


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Alcohol & Substance Abuse

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Qatar

    Hotline: For Men:050709809 For Women:055597512 We in A.A. concentrate on helping those who are already alcoholics, those who may have a desire to stop drinking, so that they can begin to recover and to learn how to live a normal, happy life without alcohol.

Domestic & Sexual Violence

  • Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN)

    Hotline:919 It provides free consultations (social, psychological and legal) for women, in extreme confidentiality and secrecy. (Aman) means protecting and rehabilitating children and women (victims of violence and family breakdown).
  • "Help me" online

    Aman provides this online service to answer abused child by entering a mobile number or school name. We make it easier to determine the type of damage, by selecting an image, writing text, sending an image, or an audio message. A dedicated team communicates with the child to protect him.

Mental Health Conditions & Family Support

  • "Hawenha Tahun" initiative

    Those wishing to obtain psychological counseling can communicate through a unified number set by the association from 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week; To provide psychological, family and educational counseling, especially related to preparing for tests, and the repercussions of infection with the Corona virus.
  • Mental Health Friends Association 'WEYAK'

    Hotline:044878722 8009395 Website:
    Provide psychological, family, and educational counseling. All Days From 3:00 pm To 09:00 pm except Thu & Fri English Counseling. Sunday, Monday & Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm Arabic Counseling.
  • National Mental Health Helpline

    Hotline:16000Website: National Mental Health Helpline
    In collaboration with Ministry of Public Health and Primary Health Care Corporation, Mental Health Service in Hamad Medical Corporation have launched a new helpline to provide support for people experiencing mental health problems as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific Disorders

  • Center for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan)

    Hotline:8000009Website: Ehsan
    Provide social support and counseling services for the elderly, their families and care givers, as a nurse or house keepers.
  • Consult Me Services (Ehsan - Shawerni)

    Hotline: Salem AlEnazi 55622773 Tasneem Ali Abdulrahman: 33818996  Zakia Haji: 66722026 Rima Al-Khalaf: 66724929 Dr. Suzan Hammad: 66893755 Website: Ehsan
    The Elderly Empowerment and Care Center (Ehsan) currently provides psychological support services for the elderly and their caregivers (their families) to enhance the mental health of the elderly through the consultation line "Consult me". This is provided by specialists, working hours: From Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM