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Free Telephone Counseling Hotlines in Mexico

National Suicide & Crisis Lines

  • Mexico Suicide

    24/7 Hotline:5255102550

    24/7 Hotline:(55) 5259-8121

    24/7 Hotline:(55) 5259-8121
  • Suicide Hotline

    24/7 Hotline:(55) 5259-8121
  • Emergency Services

    24/7 Hotline:911Emergency services in Mexico City can be accessed by dialing 911. There is no charge to access this service from mobile phones or landlines.

Domestic & Sexual Violence

  • Línea Mujeres

    24/7 Hotline:(55) 5658 1111 via Locatel. Support for women’s empowerment at home and in the workplace, mental and reproductive health, dealing with domestic violence.
  • Report-A-Crime

    24/7 Hotline:066