Free Telephone Counseling Hotlines in Germany

National Suicide & Crisis Lines


Alcohol & Substance Abuse

  • Klinikum Stuttgart

    Phone:49 711 27801One of Germany's largest hospitals, made up of more than 50 clinics and specialist institutes spanning all medical specialties. Kinikum Stuttgart is regarded as one of the best hospitals in Germany, and is a referral center for oncology, ENT, pediatrics and more.
  • Gesundheit Nord

    Phone:(0421) 408190 02Hospital Composite Bremen Osterholzer 51 G
    Gesundheit rehabilitation centre. 12 Step Treatment Centers is a guide for all drug rehab programs / alcohol residential facilitiy. Plus any form of drug or alcohol service that utilises the 12 Step Programme as part of there treatment model.

Domestic & Sexual Violence

  • BIG Hotline

    Phone:49 (0) 30 - 611 03 00Postfach 30 41 05 10756 Berlin
    BIG Hotline gives support and advice to all women and children who experience or have experienced domestic violence in their relationship and to all women who are being harassed, threatened or stalked by their (ex)partner.
  • TARA

    Phone:(030) 78 71 83 40Ebersstr. 58, 10827 Berlin.
  • Bora

    Phone:(030) 927 47 07Albertinenstr. 1, 13086 Berlin
  • Frauentreffpunkt

    Phone:(030) 621 20 05Selchower Str. 11, 12049 Berlin
  • Counseling Interkulturelle Initiative

    Phone:(030) 80 19 59 80Martin-Buber-Straße 12, 14163 Berlin
  • Support for women in need – the Violence against women support hotline

    Phone:08000 116 016

Online Counseling

  • You can get affordable online counseling with a licensed therapist through BetterHelp (a sponsor). Counseling is available from your computer, phone or tablet. Financial aid is available.

Gay & Lesbian (GLBTQ)

  • Lesbenberatung

    Phone: 030 - 215 20 00The "Lesbenberatung" is not just a centre for counselling and communication, it is much more than that. We offer counselling to lesbian and bi-sexual women of all ages, transgender people and all women in crisis or conflict situations irrespective of age, nationality or cultural background.
  • Site Niebuhrstraße

    Phone:49 (030) 233 690 70Schwulenberatung Berlin Niebuhrstraße 59/60 10629 Berlin Open: Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 08:00pm
  • SSite Wilhelmstraße

    Phone:49 (030) 44 66 88 0Schwulenberatung Berlin Wilhelmstraße 115, 10961 Berlin Open: Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 06:00pm

Aids / Sexual Health

  • AIDS-Hilfe Dresden e.V.

    Phone:0351 441 61 42Dresden organization providing HIV/AIDS information and many social programs and counseling for people with HIV.
  • AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt e.V.

    Phone:(069) 40 58 68-0Provides information on HIV/AIDS and a variety of practical services to people with HIV, including counseling and care.
  • AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg e.V.

    Phone:49 40 235199-0HIV/AIDS information in Hamburg, providing counseling and assistance finding help for people with HIV.
  • AIDS-Hilfe Leipzig e.V.

    Phone:0341 - 23 23 126HIV/AIDS information in Leipzig, providing free counseling, discussion groups and prevention education.
  • AIDS Aufklärung

    Phone:49 (0)69 762933Provides anonymous counseling by telephone or e-mail, HIV testing and information about prevention, transmission and living with HIV.
  • AIDS Aufklärung

    Phone:49 (0)69 76293349 (0)69 76293349 (0)69 762933Provides anonymous counseling by telephone or e-mail, HIV testing and information about prevention, transmission and living with HIV.