Free Telephone Counseling Hotlines in Brazil

National Suicide & Crisis Lines

  • AMA National Association

    Phone:90035191Hospital de Pronto Socorro Largo Teodor Herzl S/NO Primero Andar
  • CVV Sao Paulo - National Association

    Phone:55 11 31514109Rua Herculano de Freitas 273 - Cerqueira César CERQUEIRA CESAR CEP 01308-020 Sao Paulo - SP
  • CVV - Belém

    Phone:(91) 3223-0074Rua Sem. Manoel Barata, 718 S/ 404 Ed. Infante de Sagres Bairro Campina CEP 66015-020 BELEM - PA
  • CVV - Belo Horizonte

    Phone:(31) 334-4111Rua Des. Barcelos, 1286 CEP 30480-250 BELO HORIZONTE - MG
  • CVV - Cuiaba

    Phone:(65) 321 4111Rua Comandante Costa 296 CEP 78025-200 CUIABÁ - MT
  • CVV - Rio de Janeiro

    Phone:(21) 233 9191Rua Leandro Martins, 22/707 CEP 20080-070 RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ
  • CVV - Copacabana

    Phone:(21) 236 0536Rua Xavier da Silveira, 120 CEP 22070-020 RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

  • Narconon Brazil

    Phone:011-5511- 4618-4858011-5535-3433-2141
  • The Psychosocial Attention Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Phone:55-11-4990-529455-11- 4992-3668The Psychosocial Attention Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs is a governmental organization that has successfully developed experience on community-based attention for alcohol and drug abuse. It serves the province of Santo André in Brazil and is considered a national reference in this field.
  • Clínica Refal

    Phone:(11) 3814-3487Pinheiros R. Deputado Lacerda Franco 151 São Paulo - SP 05418-000 Brazil
  • Grupo Casoto

    Phone:(11) 94797-6909Av. Morumbi, 167 São Paulo - SP 05683-020 Brazil
  • Insight Clínica Psicológica Acupuncture, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Center

    Phone:(11) 2532-5076Saúde Av. Ceci, 2211 São Paulo - SP 04065-004 Brazil

Domestic & Sexual Violence

Online Counseling

  • You can get affordable online counseling with a licensed therapist through BetterHelp (a sponsor). Counseling is available from your computer, phone or tablet. Financial aid is available.

Aids / Sexual Health

  • GESTOS - HIV Positivity, Communication and Gender Issues

    Phone:(81) 3421-7670Alessandra Nilo, Coordinator Rua dos Médices, 68- Boa Vista Recife/PE 50070-290 Brazil

    The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS and to prevent the appearance of new HIV infections. Their work focuses on gender relations, sexual citizenship and communication working with women, teen-agers of Recife, mostly of poor communities. It also provides psychosocial interventions through mutual help groups and legal assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS.