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Addressing Mental Health at Home: Five Techniques for Self-Care

They say that prevention is the best medicine. For those who are seeking affordable counseling, or are just looking for ways that they can prevent the need for this in the first place,...

Posted on  10/17/2017

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Four Signs Your Child May Need Affordable Counseling

Like everyone else, children may certainly be in need of counseling at some point in their young lives. Unfortunately, children often lack the vocabulary and language necessary to...

Posted on  10/08/2017

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In the Wake of a Shooting: Taking Care of Mental Health

With the news of tragedy coming out of Las Vegas this week, we’re seeing that most media outlets are focusing on the same issues – gun control, the shooter’s motivation,...

Posted on  10/04/2017

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Signs Your Therapist May Not Be a Good Fit

If you’ve taken the step to seek out affordable counseling, it can be especially disheartening when it feels like your needs aren’t being met. For some clients who are...

Posted on  09/24/2017

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Suicide Prevention: Affordable Options for Those in Crisis

September is suicide awareness and prevention month, and news from Columbia University has once again underlined the importance of keeping this issue in the public conversation. In...

Posted on  09/17/2017

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What To Do If Your Mental Health Claim Is Denied Coverage

For those who have health insurance, it may seem much less complicated to find affordable counseling than those without it - insurance will cover the care, right? Unfortunately, it...

Posted on  09/10/2017

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Where to Find Affordable Counseling for Houston Flooding Disaster Victims

This week, our thoughts are focused on what is happening in Houston and the cities and towns of Texas and Louisiana impacted by the unprecedented flooding of Hurricane Harvey. As the...

Posted on  09/02/2017

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12 Step Programs: Are They Right For You?

For those who are living in recovery, sustaining long-term sobriety can be a daunting task. While the initial phases of achieving this (such as detoxification services and in-patient...

Posted on  08/27/2017

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Finding Affordable Couples Counseling: What Are the Options?

Whether you’ve been with your partner for one year or fifty, there will be times in your relationship where couples counseling may be the best option to help guide the two of...

Posted on  08/19/2017

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