Boulder Alcohol Education Center

Counseling Agency
Boulder Colorado 80302

was established on January 1, 1982 by John Gilburt Ph.D., CAC III at right, Licensed Psychologist and the Late Stan Scott, JD, CAC III, to meet the needs of the community for easily accessible, low cost, professional, substance abuse outpatient evaluation and treatment. Our initial objectives were to become one of the first private, locally owned Drinking-Driver Education and Treatment resources. This is still our largest population although we have expanded and diversified our availability to offering community education, training and specialized programs to treat complex and challenging, often dual diagnosis cases on an extended basis. Stan Scott, was one of the pioneers of providing direct education to substance users in the belief that if people are given accurate and well directed information, so that they understand their problem, they will want to change. Virtually every treatment program now uses this education as a basic component of helping people change. John Gilburt has been the sole director since Stan passed away in 1986. John has always believed that excellence and integrity in BAEC's programs could only be achieved through high quality staff with thorough training, experience, and a sincere desire to serve and help those with painful, debilitating problems see BAEC Staff. Specialities include: Adolescents, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders, Persons with HIV/AIDS, Pregnant/postpartum women, Men, DUI/DWI offenders, Criminal justice clients

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