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When to Consider Online Therapy as An Affordable Alternative to In-Person Therapy

When to Consider Online Therapy as An Affordable Alternative to In-Person Therapy

When to Consider Online Therapy as An Affordable Alternative to In-Person Therapy

You can do just about anything online now. Talk to people from all over the world in real time, get a degree, see your relatives that live far away, talk to your doctor, and even talk to a therapist. But, is online therapy really as effective as traditional in-person therapy? In some cases, the answer may be yes.

When Online Therapy is Better

There are many circumstances when online therapy is a better choice than traditional therapy. For example, people who suffer from depression can have trouble getting motivated enough to do anything, let alone finding a therapist, making an appointment, and actually going to that appointment. In fact, a large percentage (over 60%) of those with depression who set appointments for treatment never go through with it. What’s worse, over 90% of these people said that their depression makes it difficult to go to school or work or even get through daily responsibilities. However, given the option of texting, chatting, or emailing with a therapist from home, those with depression are much more likely to seek help. This may be because it is so much easier to “talk” about your feelings when you are not face to face with someone or it could be just that the individual just feels more comfortable at home. In addition, the cost for online therapy will not break the bank.

Anxiety Disorders

Anyone who has ever had an anxiety attack or panic attack can tell you that it can be tough going out in public. Just being around a bunch of people, be it strangers or people you know, can give you so much stress that you start to avoid going out. Anywhere. Working or school is hard enough, but getting out to see a therapist can be a nightmare. Also, many people with anxiety disorders do not feel comfortable talking about their feelings, especially face to face with a stranger. With online therapy, you can use your phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic device to chat with your therapist anytime of the day or night. If you are unable to sleep and having a meltdown at 3:00 AM, all you have to do is send your therapist a text, chat, or email and they will usually get back to you quickly. That is much better than sitting up all night waiting for daylight so you can call someone to talk about your anxiety. Also, paying for therapy is not going to cause you even more stress because online therapy is cheaper.

Much Less Expensive

As previously mentioned, online therapy is much less expensive than traditional therapy. The reason for this is that the therapist does not have as many expenses as the typical therapist in an office or hospital. They do not have to pay for an office, employees, utilities, or transportation costs. And because they save money, you save money as well. The cost of seeing a traditional therapist can cost up to $200 per hour or $600 per month but the cost of online therapy is a fraction of that. The cost at, for example, is approximately $45 to $65 per week, depending on your plan. With such affordability, online therapy starts to make a lot of sense.

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Posted on 06/01/2018 by Marie Miguel

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