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Stretch Your Social Media Influence: Using Instagram to Find Clients

Stretch Your Social Media Influence: Using Instagram to Find Clients

For therapists who have already started promoting their business and engaging clients on social media, you might wonder: Is it worth it to build out to other social media sites? For many practitioners, sticking with tried and true social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter might be more than enough for your practice; however, depending on your location and your ideal client, others sites like Instagram may be worth the time investment as well. In this article, we'll explore some Instagram basics and how you can use this platform to grow your reach to potential clients. 

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform similar to Facebook and Twitter, in that users can follow accounts, interact with content, and send messages to one another. One of the ways that Instagram differs from other social media platforms is that all posted content must include a photo or short video - text only posts won't work here. 

How Do I Build Followers on Instagram?

After creating a profile and setting up your account, you'll want to start by following other Instagram users; this will probably include other therapists or businesses you already work with. When you follow a user, most users will return the follow, thus giving you an initial audience for your posts. Like other social media platforms, keep the "social" in your use of Instagram - take the time to follow and like the content other users post. They'll be more likely to do the same for you and grow your potential content reach. 

What Kinds of Content Should I Post?

One of the ways Instagram differs from other platforms is that the vibe is much more informal. While Facebook works well for posting business information and updates, and Twitter is perfect for sharing trending topics and news stories, Instagram posts tend to be most popular when they are more "human." Start by thinking about your brand and the impression you want to leave on potential clients. Then, watch for potential images and updates about your business that impress, inspire, or inform followers that fall into your desired brand. Posting a picture of yourself working on office renovations or a picture of the view from your office window are perfect for Instagram.

Instagram does allow you to caption photos, and you should! Write captions that describe the photo and reflect your brand. Like Twitter, Instagram allows for hashtags; however, your captions can be quite a bit longer than 140 characters. Add and use hashtags to your captions that match your brand, are trending or popular, and accurately describe your photos or the feelings they inspire. You can also cross-post Instagram to your Facebook account - you don't need to do this for every post, but occasionally cross-posting allows your followers on other accounts to learn you are also active on Instagram. 

Instagram doesn't take too much additional time to start using, and can be a lot of fun once you are active on it. We recommend trying this platform out to help build client reach and further establish your professional brand. 

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