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Facebook Pages: 4 Things You Can Do to Engage Your Followers

Facebook Pages: 4 Things You Can Do to Engage Your Followers

So you’ve set up your business Facebook page and have a solid number of followers on it. Yet, when you post something, you have very little engagement. Where are the likes? Why isn’t anyone commenting? In this article, we’ll be discussing what might cause this and what you can do about it.  

Just because someone has liked your Facebook page does not mean they will see your content. When someone browses Facebook, they are usually on their newsfeed, not specific pages. Facebook determines if posts appears on a user’s newsfeed based on their past content interactions. The more interaction a user has with your page content, the more likely future content will appear in their newsfeed, and vice versa. If your followers interact very little with your content, over time your “reach” (how many users see your posts) can dwindle to near zero.

Take a look at your recent posts now – what kind of reach do you see compared to the number of followers your page has? Are you happy with those numbers? If not, take a look below for easy things you can do to improve your reach and engage your followers:

  • Use Facebook Insights to see which posts receive the most engagement: On your page, there is a tab called “Insights” that will bring you to a summary of your page activity. Further down, you can view all of the posts on your page: Which have the most engagement? What are some variables that might be creating extra engagement, such as content and timing?

  • Share content directly to Facebook, not just from other websites: A little-known fact about Facebook algorithms is that content posted from other websites is automatically de-prioritized versus content shared directly within Facebook. If you use your Facebook page to share external content only, very few people will see it. Make sure to create, post, and share Facebook-content to increase your reach.   

  • Boost posts to current followers: Facebook loves when you are willing to pay to increase reach. For current followers, you can do this easily by “boosting” a post to those who already like your page – you’ll just need to specify that audience when you boost. Boosting costs as little as $5 and is a great way of getting your content back on users’ newsfeeds, especially for existing pages with very little post reach.

  • Create content that is meaningful and shareable: Look at the pages you follow personally – what do you find most engaging? What kinds of posts result in some activity on your part? Take the time to create page content that is meaningful, and your followers will respond with increased activity. Make sure your content is public as well, so your followers can share things they like.  

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Jennifer N.
Posted on 07/16/2017 by Jennifer N.

Jennifer is a writer for OpenCounseling. She has worked at a number of state and non-profit organizations, providing counseling, training, and policy development



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