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Discovering Your Ideal Client

Discovering Your Ideal Client

As therapists, we do what we do because we want to help people. But when it comes to running a successful therapy practice, it isn’t enough to market yourself as a do-gooder or a helper. To stand out as a therapist of choice, we need to more selective in how we market ourselves, brand our social media, and communicate to potential clients. And the work of this all starts with figuring out who your ideal client is.

What Is an Ideal Client?

An ideal client, or a “dream” client, is the client that you are most excited to work with. Take a moment and think about the most satisfying treatment experiences you’ve delivered – what did those clients have in common? Did they share a similar presenting issue? We’re they self-pay versus insurance covered? How engaged were they in treatment? And finally, why were these the most satisfying experiences for you? More likely than not, it was because you felt like you truly made an impact on these clients while still being able to effectively run your business.

I’ve Got an Idea of My Ideal Client – Now What?

Once you know who your ideal client is, then it’s time to do some self-assessment. How appealing are you as a therapist to your ideal client? Even if you know you are most effective and helpful with this person, how does your webpage, social media, and other branding communicate that to your client? Are you reaching your ideal client with targeted marketing? Are you responding quickly when they reach out to you? Look at yourself from the eyes of your ideal client – if you were them, would you schedule an appointment with yourself? If not, what needs to change?

But I Want to Help Everyone!

We hear this from therapists who market themselves as generalists, who don’t want to seem restrictive regarding the types of clients they work with. However, that’s the thing about discovering your ideal client – every therapist has a different picture of who that person is. We know that some therapists are better suited for trauma recovery and others for anger management – their ideal clients will differ. And when we market ourselves by targeting the client we know we can best help, it doesn’t just help our practice to thrive – it helps ensure our clients are actually matched with those best suited to help them.

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Jennifer N.
Posted on 07/24/2017 by Jennifer N.

Jennifer is a writer for OpenCounseling. She has worked at a number of state and non-profit organizations, providing counseling, training, and policy development



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