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4 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Practice on Twitter

4 Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Practice on Twitter

One of fastest growing social media outlets to date is Twitter. But is it worth it for a therapy practice to maintain a Twitter profile? We think so. Twitter allows your practice to connect easily with social media influencers and users, target your audience based on selected demographics, and communicate instantly on trending issues. In this article, we share 4 quick tips for using Twitter and how this can help you further your marketing efforts.

Make sure your profile is complete, but succinct: Twitter limits users to how many characters they can use, even in profile creation, so use this space wisely. Make sure to keep your “ideal client” in mind when crafting your profile description, and don’t finish before you’ve added a profile picture, banner picture, and color branding to the page that aligns with your other social media profiles.

Follow other users: For someone to grow their Twitter following, you must in turn follow other users. This means logging in, looking up the profiles of people who you think would have similar followers to your practice, and following them. This doesn’t just expose your profile to the Twitter community, but it also provides you examples of the types of content other users are putting out, giving you a glimpse into what users respond well to.

Be social: Unlike Facebook, where your interaction is somewhat limited to those who have liked your page, Twitter allows users to see tweets from all active Twitter users. By liking and retweeting other user content, it gives you more exposure in this community, more social content on your profile, and allows you to connect with other users who may not have found your profile otherwise.

Know the tools for engaging tweets: Tweets are limited to 140 characters. While this may seem restrictive, it also allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility in the type of content you share on this platform. It isn’t necessary to have perfect punctuation on Twitter, and the use of emojis and GIFs are common. Most importantly, add #hashtags to your tweets – this is like adding a keyword that users can search for. If there’s a trending #hashtag on Twitter that’s relevant to your content, include it! It will help new users discover your profile.

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Jennifer N.
Posted on 08/02/2017 by Jennifer N.

Jennifer is a writer for OpenCounseling. She has worked at a number of state and non-profit organizations, providing counseling, training, and policy development



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