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3 Things to Know About College Counseling Centers

3 Things to Know About College Counseling Centers

As the summer nears an end and college students either embark on their first year of school or return for another, one resource to keep in mind is college counseling centers. Most colleges and universities across the country offer these services to attending students and serve as a wonderful resource for those who are struggling with an array of mental health concerns. Below, learn more about three key things to keep in mind if you are seeking these services:

Cost: Depending on the college you attend, mental health treatment through a college counseling center can be an extremely affordable option. Most colleges will offer these services at no to little cost, and they often offer an array of services based on the student’s ability to pay. While some colleges may ask for insurance information (especially when providing counseling for a diagnosed mental health condition), most centers will prioritize student wellness over reimbursement, and many programs offer subsidized care options for those students who lack mental health coverage.

Conditions treated: One of the best attributes of college counseling centers are their flexibility in helping students who present with mental health conditions across the spectrum of mental wellness. This allows them to provide counseling to those students dealing with academic stress to those with diagnosed mental illness. Because of this flexibility, any student who undergoes mental pressure can generally find assistance that meets their needs at their college counseling center 

Services provided: In addition to more traditional one-on-one treatment, college counseling centers frequently offer a variety of support services, including support groups, educational seminars, mental health outreach, crisis intervention, and referrals for services required that they are unable to provide.

College counseling centers are an amazing resource for their students – from de-stigmatizing mental illness across college campuses to providing direct support services to students in need. Additionally, they are the best place for students who are struggling academically as a result of a mental health condition to contact – these centers can help advocate for students who require a leave of absence approval, assignment extensions, or other supports related to academic success. Lastly, it is a little known fact that some college counseling centers are open the the public. You can check by calling and asking your local center. 

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Jennifer N.
Posted on 08/02/2017 by Jennifer N.

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